How to simplify employee onboarding with automation (contracts + onboarding form)

Everybody knows that hiring is expensive. Why do you say hiring is expensive? HR professionals must spend a lot of capital and energy sourcing top talent. Even after you have selected the top candidate to fulfill your role and they have accepted the offer, there is a lot that goes in between a fully integrated employee and an accepted one.  
Once your candidate has accepted your offer and the start date is determined you can start their onboarding process. This process can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. All employers strive to provide their employees with a unique and delightful onboarding experience. These first few interactions can set the mood for the employee’s future in your company.  

Here’s how Humanised Payroll can help you simplify the onboarding process,  

1. Welcome email  

If you haven’t sent a welcome email to your new recruits until now, we urge you to do so from now on. Depending on how your company structure is set up, your Head of HR, a related senior management officer, can send this email. It is ideal to copy the respective employee’s immediate supervisor in the same email. That way they can engage and welcome the employee in the same chat. Employee can also raise any inquires or concerns that they might have that might have gotten unanswered otherwise 

An employee might have had other offers they were considering until that point and that gives them cause to change their mind. Therefore, this can also help you retain the employee’s interest in your company until the start date rolls around, providing you with touch points in between.  

Humanised payroll has ready-made templates that you can customize even with your company logo and brand colors.   

2. Collection of employee details and documents  

What if you could send a form to collect details from your employees from your HR system itself. Companies use a range of tools to collect details today. They send google forms, excel sheets, receive documents in emails and even accept data in paper form. The responsibility of consolidating all these details into a single database always falls on the HR team.  
Humanised allows you to welcome and employee on to your HR system itself and send a form which will populate the employee data fields once they are filled by your new employee and approved by you. You can then fill in anything that needs to be filled from the company side.  
You can ask your employees to fill their full names, birthdays etc as well as ask them to attach certain documents that you want in their employee file 

3. Employment Contracts  

When you hire an employee, you will always sign an agreement. It can be a full time or part time employment agreement, contractor agreement or casual work agreement. How can you make sure you get these contracts signed without delay in a time where remote work is the norm.  
We have developed a new contract management tool which can remove the hassle from your contract management process.  
This new feature allows you to maintain contract templates specific to your organization. You can customize these templates according to your employee’s details and send them via the system itself. If the contract you want to send is not in your template library, you can even use a new template for this purpose. You can set the signing order and issue a copy of the contract to all relevant parties without traditional post or visiting the office physically. Signs themselves are locked in place in a secure mechanism of encryption so that no one can tamper with it after the fact.  
This way you will accumulate a history of contracts signed by your company. If you wish to do so, you can use the same feature for other legal contract management requirements like sales agreements, service agreements etc within your organization. Most importantly, it will alter you when the term of the contract is about to expire. This will allow you to renew or terminate your contracts in a timely manner. 

4. Employee file 

If you are seasoned HR professional, you might already know that government officials from institutions like EPF and ETF always request your employees’ personal files. Humanised can fulfil this requirement within the system itself. The details you collected during onboarding, documents and any other details that you edit or update on the employee profile will serve you as employee files. With the added advantage of the audit trails, you can keep everybody in your HR team accountable for the data they have updated on each employees’ profiles 

In conclusion, hiring is a costly process due to the significant capital and effort invested by HR professionals. Onboarding, a critical phase in this process, can set the tone for an employee’s experience. Humanised Payroll simplifies onboarding with tools like customizable welcome emails, streamlined data collection, efficient contract management, and comprehensive employee file maintenance. These features not only reduce administrative burdens but also enhance employee satisfaction and retention, allowing HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive organizational success. 

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