Never Miss a Birthday, Anniversary, or Review Again! 

employees' birthday celebration

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to remember employee birthdays, anniversaries, reviews, and other important dates? Most employees don’t feel comfortable reminding their superiors when their performance reviews are due. A performance review generally leads to promotions or increments, and employees often feel that reminding the employer that they may deserve such recognition is counterproductive. Well, you wouldn’t want your hardworking employees to feel this way. 

But what if there was a way to automatically remember everything, from birthdays to performance reviews? 

That’s why we’ve included a reminder function from the get-go! 

 Humanised Payroll, 
  • Never forget a birthday: Get notified about birthdays, work anniversaries, and even achievements! No more awkward “oops” moments. Simply keep your employees’ profiles accurately completed to get the reminders without any additional steps 
  • Reminds you about reviews: No more scrambling to do performance reviews before the raise cycle. Set reminders, give timely feedback, and help employees grow! 
  • Keeps track of everything: Whether it is a payroll date, important document, or anything else employee-related, this feature ensures you never miss anything. Just update the system with real time data and the system will remind you. 
  • Makes your life easier: As an HR professional, you contend with numerous responsibilities each month, leaving little room to decline or offer excuses, despite being heavily occupied. Humanised Payroll takes the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most. 
  • Employees feel valued and appreciated because their achievements and milestones are never forgotten. 
  • You build a stronger team spirit by celebrating together and giving timely feedback. 
  • Your company culture thrives on recognition and support, attracting and retaining top talent. 
  • And HR team also gets time to share laughter with work colleagues. 

No more last-minute scrambles, missed reviews, or forgotten details. Humanised Payroll helps you to be a proactive HR pro and build a happy, thriving team. It is easy to use and saves you time, even the busiest HR hero can master it! 

Ready to make every employee feel special? Upgrade your payroll system today and turn milestones into happy moments! 

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