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Add budgetary relief allowance to payroll

This article is for Owners and admins who use Humanised


Budgetary relief allowances

There are two budgetary relief allowances that gets applied depending on an employee’s basic salary

Budgetary relief allowance 1

There are two conditions that determine the first budgetary relief allowance

Making the 1000 –

Budgetary relief allowance 2

There are conditions that determine the value of the second budgetary relief allowance.

Making the 1500 –

Making the 1000 –

Total of the two is Budgetary relief allowance 2 (2500)

These two allowances are added to the pay details of applicable employees as two separate pay items under the main pay item category named “Basic salary”

Add automated budgetary relief allowances

Step 1 – Switch on budgetary relief allowance

Go to company settings and switch on the toggle named “Automatically calculate budgetary relief allowance for employees

Step 2 – EPF/ETF preference

Choose whether you want to consider these allowances for EPF/ETF and APIT

This will ensure that relevant allowances will be applied according to the basic salary

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