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Add No pay deduction to payroll using CSV data

This article is for Owners and admins who use Humanised


Step 1 – Configure company settings for no pay

If you haven’t done this already, go to company settings and set up the following configurations for no pay calculations.  

Step 2 – Add no pay column in CSV

This functionality is there for all our users who receive the total no pay time for the month already calculated by their clients or for all users who prefer to calculate the total no pay time for the month manually and outside the system.

Make sure to name your column as “No pay” and keeping in mind your “prefered input format” (Days/hours, days/half days/ decimal values) when filling the total, no pay time for each employee for that month.

Step 3 – Create a payrun

When you upload the CSV and create a payrun, the system will look for the data you have logged in the column for each employee. If there are any no pay leaves, the no pay deduction will be calculated and added to the pay details for relevant employees.


let’s imagine you are running a payroll under the following parameters, pay cycle start date – 1st of the month, Pay period – June, no.of days per month – calendar days, and no pay rate is calculated from basic salary only.

If this case if an employee named Kamal has 2 days and 4 hours of no pay and a basic salary of LKR 60,000, No pay rate per hour will be,

60,000 basic salary /30 days/ 8 hours = 250 per hour

Therefore, for 2 days and 4 hours of no pay, his deduction will be = LKR 5,000//

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