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Rerunning a payrun explained

This article is for Owners and admins who use Humanised

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When can you use rerun payrun option

Rerun payrun option allows you to take a copy of all the pay items from a previous month excluding EPF, ETF and APIT and create a draft payrun for a new month.

This is helpful for organisations that doesn’t have too many changes from month to month. This way you can make changes only in a handful places and shorten the time spent on payroll processing

However, we recommend you use this function sparingly. It is always a good idea to maintain up to date pay details in master data and generate payruns from those data. Because there are numerous interconnected calculation processes taking place within each payrun. By rerunning an existing payrun without paying attention to such processes can result in errors. For an example if you had lump sum payments like bonuses in the original payrun, the new draft might not need the same pay items. Lump sum tax calculations also refer to APIT calculations done in previous months. Humanised has already limited the instances where you can rerun payruns. For an example rerun payrun option will not be available to you if you have switched on foreign currency pegged payrolls, pro rata calculations, budgetary relief allowance calculations and stamp duty in your organization.

Rerun payrun

Step 1

Go to payroll

Step 2

Click on the 3 dots at edge of the row of the payrun you want to rerun from.

Step 3

Click on rerun payrun

And follow the normal process of reviewing and completing a payrun. If you are unfamilar on how to do so read How to run a payrun manually or How to run a payrun CSV to learn more.

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